Notice Requesting Bids for 2018 Road Work and Materials

Notice requesting bids for 2018 Road Work & Materials

For a chart of the proposed 2018 road projects click here.

For a map showing the locations of the 2018 road projects click here.

Bid#1 for 1 1/4″ high dense base gravel delivered to 1.0 mile on 24th Ave. (22 ft x 3 in)

Bid #2 Pulverize 1 mile on 24th Ave.

Bid #3 TPR Scrub Seal approx. 1.52 miles

Bid #4 Saw & Seal approx. 0.55 miles

Bid #5, #6, & #7 Crushed Aggregate Bid Specs for 2018 Maintenance Work (Delivered & Picked Up)


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